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Dslr dashboard apk qDslrDashboard is an application to control your Nikon, Canon DSLR or Sony mirrorless camera.

A USB connection requires a USB OTG adapter and the device must have a USB host function. Dslr dashboard apk

qDslr Dashboard Photo:
Multiple camera support
Remote Capture,
Synchronized Capture,

Connect to a DSLR using a security wireless router (ddserver),
Change camera properties
Browse images on camera,
Transfer images from camera to Android device,
Preview images (jpg and raw), Dslr dashboard apk

Live View,
Live View Histogram,
Manual focus speed in live view,
Start movie recording (only camera model that supports it),
Custom brackets,

Pay attention to stacking
Timeout (simple and advanced with file control and the ability to send instructions and attention to Ardino),
Capture the sound (with spectral display and frequency / intensity selector), Dslr dashboard apk

DoF calculator
Rule 600 Calculator
Sky Stacking Helper
Custom Profile
Remote control over wireless networks (Android devices must be on the same network)
Support for WU-1a / 1b adapter (PTP / IP)
LRTimelaps screen for Auto Holi Grill Timlaps
Dynamic concept in Bluetooth LE NMX motion controller support.
Interval controller


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