Drops Apk: Learn 39 new languages


Choose basic words in these languages:
🇰🇷 Korean, 🇯🇵 Japanese, 🇨🇳 Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), 🇪🇸 Spanish (Spanish Castilian and Latin American Spanish), 🇬🇧 English (American English and British English)), 🇪 StonEstonien, Persian, 🇫🇷 French, 🇫🇮 Finnish, 🇬🇷 Greek, 🇩🇪 German, Et Dutch, 🇮🇹 Italian, 🇷🇺 Russian, 🇵🇱 Polish And Europe) Brazilian Portuguese), Hebrew, Thai, Arabic, Turkish, Filipino, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, 🇭🇺 Hungarian, 🇮🇳 Hindi, Maori, Samoan, Esperanto and Hawaiian!

Drops eliminates the “boring” of language learning: useful vocabulary is transmitted to your memory through beautiful simple illustrations and quick miniature games.
The interesting part? It only takes 5 minutes a day. In fact, it’s still what you get! Dumb? Yes. works? absolute!

“The overall design and the gamification elements make Drops one of the most unique language learning apps I have tried so far.” -CNET

The cornerstone of water droplets:

👀 The water droplets are 100% visible: we use images to directly connect meaning to your mother tongue! No intermediary is faster, better and more fun! 🙂
Limit the session to 5 minutes: limiting the learning time seems counter-intuitive, but it makes the droplets very addictive, which is not a bad thing for learning a language. Barriers to entry do not exist. No excuse: you still have 5 minutes!
Easy practice: We understand why games are so fun and addictive, and inject gas into Drops to create addictive apps, but in this case you don’t have to waste time playing games, you A precious asset is being put in place: knowledge of a new language.
Pace Fast Pace: We think the pace is fast and typing on the phone keypad is only fast. Say hello to clicks and quick clicks! You will need this extra time to make the most of 5 minutes;)
Focus on vocabulary: no grammar, just organized words with practical value. Drops is focused on one thing and he does a very good job. Drops also offers Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Hindi alphabet courses for beginners.
BargeForge Learning Habits: Drops hopes to turn you into a language learning enthusiast. No matter how effective your learning tool is, if you don’t use it every day, it doesn’t really matter. The drops will deceive your thinking, you will get better!

Drop the tongue
We are proud that you can use Drops to learn and add new languages ​​almost every month. In addition to the common suspects, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, there are many exotic ones: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Danish, Hungarian , Hindi, Tagalog or Icelandic!

Recently, we also introduced the dialect! You can now choose between Mandarin and Cantonese, Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish, American English and British English, European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. You can even learn each language simultaneously for free!
We are proud of the beautiful pronunciation of the words recorded by the actress!

Drops provides a complete free software package for casual learners: 5 minutes of amazing fast and epic fun learning every day, over 2400 words in 99 subjects. More dedicated language learners can subscribe to advanced features for faster progression, and of course can provide unlimited learning time.
Drop Our mission at Drops is to provide a gift of language skills to people around the world with a special tool that uses the common language we all use: images.

😍I’m sure you will love Drops as much as we want. If so, leave us a message! 🙂


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