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dragon city apk mod :

Enjoy Valentine’s Day limited-time updates

They may seem scary, but they have a soft center … Our dragons have crushed your back this Valentine!
Have sweet success with Fudge & Fondue Dragons at our Chocolate Tower and Candy Puzzle events!
Reunite Star-crossed lovers, Valentine & Love Potion dragons in exclusive quests!
Plus Valentine’s discounts, offers and more.

Ready to take on the hottest dragon game and collect and breed tons of adorable fire-breathing dragons? Train them to your liking, grow your collection, build your city and prove your power as the world’s top dragon master!

Build Dragon City on floating islands, fill farms, habitats, buildings… and tons of dragons! Raise cute, baby dragons, take good care of them and build farms to expand your collection and play and develop them into amazing monsters to fight in the game’s PVP arenas!

Join other Dragon Masters in the game by joining the alliance! Interact with chat, attend Alliance events, unlock trade orbs and special rewards.

Combine Dragon� ఫై with Fire, Nature, Pure, Legend and many more to enhance unique hybrids and expand your Dragon City collection. You can even collect dragons from the events in the game!


  • Complete the Dragon Book! There are 1000 amazing dragons to breed and collect to thrive in your Dragon City!
  • New dragons join the game each week through breeding events and special islands.
  • Decorate your dragons with cool dragon skins from special events.
  • Adventure through Dragon Quests and collect one of a kind Dragons against other Dragon Masters in the game’s PVP Arenas, claim Warriors Chests and Climb Leaderboards!
  • Call the dragons from the magical world of the Tree of Life to your city and try their skills.
  • Collect orbs and empower your dragons: see their strength increase in battle!
  • Unlock sophisticated game features like Ancient World and build Guardian Dragon Towers.
  • A social city! Battle with other Dragon Masters in Dragon City, chat with them, trade Orbs in the trading hub, share in Alliance Gift events and open Alliance chests.
  • Login with Windows to save your game and play on all your devices – Take your Dragon City everywhere!

Dragon City has over 80 million Dragon Masters. What are you waiting for? Join the game and build your city today!

If you already like our game వ Leave us a good review 🙂

Dragon City is free to download and to play. However, you can buy the items in the app with real money. If you want to disable this feature of the game, please turn off in-app purchases in your phone or tablet settings.

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