Dr clone apk No 1 Best App


dr clone apk, Dr clone apk No 1 Best App


Dr clone apk Dr. Clone allows you to sign in to two ACCOUNTS of two apps at once and create a private space with hidden apps.

100% free
Zero Third Party Advertising. Dr clone apk

Alal parallel social account, parallel space!
Sign in to your other account, and protect your personal space
Two accounts work together on the same phone at the same time
Support most social and messaging apps including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, Watch and more.

🌟 Double account, double fun!
Gain experience, twice as much experience and respect with the game account
Support the most popular games
Sign up for games with Google Play Games. Dr clone apk

A Create a personal space, protect your privacy!
Protect your privacy with your security lock
Block apps or allow apps to display notifications
Only hidden installations and hidden applications (apps are visible only in your personal area but not in device space).

If you like our app, please give us a 5-star rating!
For any problem or advice, Dr. Feel free to contact us through the ‘feedback’ menu inside Clone or send us an email: Dr clone apk


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