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Download ludo apk Ludo is a fun way to play multiplayer board games that can be played between 2, 3 or 4 players. Playing with family and friends is the most popular and fun game Ludo is a mind-boggling game with its lucky rolls and strategic gameplay. This fun 2D ludo game has been around us as the best game to play in our free time.

How Ludo Games Work: Download ludo apk
The game begins with the four tokens placed in each player’s opening box The games are rotated by the rotation of each player The player’s token will be placed at the beginning after one of the players is rolled The main goal of the game is to take all 4 tokens inside the house in front of the other opponent

Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting:

  • The token can start running when Das Roll is 6
  • Each player gets a chance to spin the dice And if the player rolls 6, they will have another chance to roll the dice again.
  • You need to reach the middle of all the token boards to win the game
  • The token revolves around the clock according to the number rolled
  • Knocking down another token will give you an extra chance to roll the dice again.

Game Features: Download ludo apk

Single player – game against computer
Local Multiplayer – Play offline with friends and family
Play 2 to 4 players
You can continue your game at any time
Multi-colored das for each player

Real Game Dice Roll Animation
See the progress of each player
Throw away or fortify immediately
Shake your phone to roll the dash option
Customize your speed game
Easy single menu player selection
Ludo games in your mother tongue
English, Hindi, Nepali, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Indonesian are supported in this Ludo game.

Enjoy playing the best offline version of Ludo game at any time with your friends and family. The multiplayer version of this game is coming soon, so tune in. Download ludo apk

We hope you enjoy the game

Please send us your feedback, and we will try to improve the game performance according to your needs.

Thanks for playing Ludo and check out our other games.


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