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This Cheater is a simple and powerful that is a professional multi-functional management software on Android and small size. At the same time, is a beautiful interface application classification manager, you can categorize the application to the folder to easily manage.

Allows you to easily categorize default application settings in your management system. Style tab-style user interface cheater, support tab slide, use it very much like!

The main function is to display a list of different default application categories as well as the default application for each category selection.

Development encountered cheater often need to check the signature of the App, each go to their calculations too much trouble, third-party App, but also enter the package name is too much trouble, sometimes need to view the App’s current version number, version name, and now this App fully satisfied.

Function Description:

– black and white application main interface theme, a variety of widget skin theme

– Widget

– Widget functionality, custom cheater skins, single library and multi-level library additions

– Settings Sort by Name, Star, Type, Most Used and Last Used

– Bookmarks and contacts category management, custom program name and icon

– Quickly load the application

– Choose the default shortcut folder layout, show the folder title, close, configure and star buttons

– Display items and icons and display in reverse cheater color

– Display labels or icon items, customize the maximum number of notification items

– Set the default operation for everyone application

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