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download game black survival mod apk

  • Black Survivors aims to be a fair and competitive game without pay to win the ingredients!
  • Contact us at for installed bugs or other bug-related issues.
  • Sports identity

“Save the real time game played by 10 people on the desert island” download game black survival mod apk

  1. PvP game played for about 20 minutes Ights are made easily with one touch
  2. The island is divided into 22 areas; Including hospitals, forests, beaches, etc. … as time goes on, they become confined to the battlefield.
  3. Fencers, actors, doctors, police, hackers, cooks, students and more! There are more than 35 different types to choose from
  4. Guns, bows, arms, blurry, blades and more! There are a total of 7 types of weapons, each with its own strategy
  5. There are hundreds of different elements hidden on the island that can be used to make 600 types of weapons, equipment and food items.
  • Gameplay download game black survival mod apk
  1. Find different items and make a good weapon!
  2. Hunt and level wild animals!
  3. Never run away from the expansion of the forbidden expansion!
  4. If you want to survive, get stronger sooner than others Kill the rest!

[App Permission Guide] download game black survival mod apk

  1. External storage; Read, write permission
  • Used to attach screenshots with customer service requests
  • Easy-to-use video advertising is used for advertising
  1. Device Information and Google Account Access
  • Games are used for account synchronization and data protection
  • Used for notifications if the customer’s message response is used


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