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download carrom pool apk, Download carrom pool apk No 1 Best App

Download carrom pool apk Here we are with the candy carom board, the much awaited and best carom game of 2018. Extreme intoxication and funny carom games
Candy Carom will make you feel like playing on the real carom board on your Android phone or Android tablet.

The game of Karom appears to have originated in the Indian subcontinent. The purpose of the play is to use a disc striker with a finger lock ick to communicate with a light object disk called the Karom Main placed in one of the four corner pockets. Raise the strikers and become the king of the candy carom board game. Download carrom pool apk

The purpose of the game is to have nine Karom men (black or white) and the queen (red) in front of their opponents. Carom follows the same “strikes and pockets” games such as pools, shuffleboards, billiards, snooker, and more. With its rebellion, the blocking of corners and opposing pieces

Arcade – Play unlimited carom boards offline with more than 200 levels. Unlock the cold and challenging stages while playing Practice being the best. Download carrom pool apk

Multiplayer Game Mode – Play the Karom Board against the real opponents at any time in the exciting online multiplayer mode. (Coming soon)

Multiplayer Game Mode – Enable Carom Board in offline mode with your family and friends.

Play with the world – play real players in exciting carom matches anywhere, anytime. (Coming soon) Download carrom pool apk

Play with friends – Invite our friends, challenge and compete, win carom Challenges / matches and go to the top of the board.

Near Playboy – Defeat each other by real players to become the king of the Carom Board game.

Two fantastic multiplayer game types – EG Pizza ‘Freestyle’ and ‘Black and White’, showcased by Hard Wall.

Two players / dual match games if you are unmarried or with your friends

Candy Carom gives you various game modes (practice, one player, two players, arcade, dual and competition), ironically, you can also play 2D carrom in this 3D game… .. !!

For those who don’t know the carom game, it’s a strike and pocket game, like billiards or pool. Carom (also known as carom or carom) players need to hit and pocket pockets (coins) using strikers of their choice, and the highest number of players need to do so to win the game. One red coin known as the Queen has to be put in the pocket and if it does not come to the center it has to be sent to another car. In the case of a draw, the queen who puts it in her pocket wins the match

Candy Carom accurately mimics Carom’s physics You can try any jig-jag shot that you were playing on the carom board.
With realistic 3D imitation and built-in touch control, you’ll be sure to take action for hours.
If you like challenges, try arcade mode and unlock as many challenges as possible by collecting as much as possible.

We hope you enjoy the extension of service

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