Dosbox turbo apk No 1 Best App


dosbox turbo apk, Dosbox turbo apk No 1 Best App


Dosbox turbo apk The latest SVN version of DOSBox is a completely free port, which uses the same core engine as the DOS box turbo.

Features Features: Dosbox turbo apk
Od voodoo 3dfx glide support

★ Pentium MMX Guidelines!
★ Full Angle Controller Support (Mouse and Jostic Emulation) [Android 3.1+]
Support for playing multiple multiplayer Windows 9x games!
ID MIDI sound imitation
Quick slide “Quick Menu”
Hidden-enabled action bar

Mapable Virtual On-Screen Button
Based on the new DOSBox SVN. Dosbox turbo apk

★ Universal Button / Controller Support (Wii, Xbox360, Game Gripper, PS3, Xperia Play Controller and more!).
Game Profile Manager
Finger full finger and finger tracking, use DOS applications on a touch screen effortlessly! (Experimental)

★ gesture support
Customize the DOS game cover / icon in the Profile Manager.
Use DPAD and optical trackpad as DP mouse / joystick
Virtual mouse simulation mode with left and right clicks!
Hardware and virtual buttons suitable for app mapping

★ Virtual Multi Touch * Analog * Jostic Emulation!
Go to image or landscape mode without restarting!
★ Multiple stretch / scaling options
Supports external USB / Bluetooth mice and joysticks [Android 3.1+]
Supports right-click on trackpad and mouse [Android 4.0+]
AS Full ASUS Transformer Keyboard and Trackpad Support

Nvidia Shield support! Dosbox turbo apk
Any third-party keyboard keyboard replacements can be used to emulate DPAD or cursor keys (our gamepad, or hacker board is recommended).
★ Full Jelly Bean (JB) and Lollipop support (Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0).

To enable the cursor / arrow key:

Use any third-party Android input method (keyboard) installation. Recommend more to the hacker cardboard, which supports transparency, cursor keys and function keys or you can try the free ‘gamepad’ keyboard. With Freebox, there is no need to pay extra for a virtual cursor key and / or game pad.

Common questions:

Q- Where are the settings button ?? (Or how do I access the settings menu)?
A: There are three easy ways to access the Settings menu. Dosbox turbo apk

  1. From Landscape Mode: Swipe to show action bar next to top margin. From the action bar, you can also access the menu settings and other options.
  2. From portrait mode: The action bar will always appear, and you can access the menu settings by clicking on (3 dots).
  3. From Portrait or Landscape: Place your finger near the left finger and swipe to the right, you will use the Dosbox Quickmo.


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