Disc dj app No 1 Best App


disc dj app, Disc dj app No 1 Best App


Disc dj app Discus 3D Music Player is a music player with a super cool 3D DJ user interface in a virtual 3D world where the DJ machine is floating on the virtual machine. This virtual DJ app supports Android 2.3+

Experience a music player as a virtual DJ mixer app where you can use it to work as a DJ at a party. Disc dj app
Usually continually play continuous music where the DJ moves the songs from one turn / deck to another without any pause.
You can use one of the two turn tables / decks as a regular music player.

DiscDj 3D Music Player is a music player that looks like a real DJ. It’s hard to get the right control over the screen, even though it’s small, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the mini DJ mixer app.

Key Features: – Disc dj app

  • 3D DJ User Interface is like a real DJ machine where virtual DJ machines are flying and where you can look around the virtual DJ machine to see its beauty from different angles. Lock and reset features are available in the upper-right corner of the screen to reset the original position.
  • Album with album art
  • Central control to play / pause the next / previous disc
  • Automatic with automatic timer and on / off feature feature.
  • Button click is weak – when the button is clicked it looks like autofid
  • Manual Song Shift Slider / Crusader
  • Mixer with playlist, equalizer, volume control and many other features.
  • Brows and run your music through more advanced browsing such as albums, artists, folders, compositions, trends, playlists, songs, artist artists and serial albums.
  • First Virtual DJ App with 10 Band Equalizer – Beautifully animated 10 Band Equalizer for Android 2.3+, under DJ push-button-sliding. 10 bands give you more precision with more accuracy 17 In-Build Presets in Equalizer – Classical, Club, Dance, Full Base, Full Base and Triple, Full Triple, Headphone, Large Hall, Live, Party, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Skate, Soft, Soft Rock and Techno.
  • Adon Sample – 4 sets (default, 808 drum kits, drum kits, resin drops – 6 samples each) Play – play / cut play, loop and play / stop with 3 modes.
  • Record – Record your performance / mix / remix / music with the record b feature at the top center of this DJ application.
  • Pre-queuing / pre-listening / split audio outputs
  • Pitch slider
  • Sound effect / SFX
  • Low pass filter and high pass filter
  • BPM
  • 4 hot caps per turntable / deck
  • Loop b features – In / Out, Second and Stop / Exit features.
  • Q button
  • Play / pause next / turn table / deck
  • Shuffle / Play all / Play alone


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