Dingtalk apk No 1 Best App


dingtalk apk, Dingtalk apk No 1 Best App

Dingtalk apk Dingtak Light is an intelligent work platform developed by Alibaba Group, which supports millions of businesses to achieve high performance with the new digitized workflow.

Dingtact light focuses on highly efficient and secure instant communication solutions, which facilitates communication at work. Dingtalk apk

Video meeting
A transparent, stable and accessible video conferencing system that supports 302 participants. At any time and anywhere, participants are able to easily access meetings via mobile phones, pads, computers.

Read the status quo
Both personal chat and group chat mode are available in Dingtak Light And you can check if you think the message has been read, which makes communication more active. Dingtalk apk

Integrated Address Book
The company organization’s work of importing charts for Dingtalk lights helps to achieve a highly efficient integrated management. Employees can communicate and co-operate safely and securely at any time and anywhere, which multiplies the efficiency of communication and co-operation.

With the intense integration of calendar management and instant communication systems, colleagues are able to organize their schedules and create meetings on a shared calendar. Dingtalk apk


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