Diamond quest apk No 1 Best App


diamond quest apk, Diamond quest apk No 1 Best App

Diamond quest apk To be introduced! The most popular and Yogi du venture adventure game is now available in stores!

In Diamond Quest: Don’t Go Fast! Your search is to collect a gem before heading to the exit path to the next room. Diamond quest apk

In your adventurous adventure, you must cut the leaves, break the cabbages to find valuable jewelry. The gravity captures the right balanced bulldozers and sends them to destroy any slow moving creatures, including themselves. At the end of each map, you have to defeat a monster owner to escape to the next place.

Track View Scene: Beautiful HD graphics and beautiful sound tra
Eat interesting gameplay: tons of different obstacles and traps to roam around: snakes, turtles, bombs, monkeys … something where you have to drown to complete your quest.
😲 Checkpoints: Re-run yourself at the current checkpoint at any time. Diamond quest apk

. Bigg Boss: It’s so big and hard to beat Be careful with your life
😘 Mystic Tools: Use Mystic Hammer to break down weak walls, use Mystic Hooks to pull things out and refrigerate Hammer.
Nge Challenge Puzzle: Challenge your brain and prove your intelligence with hundreds of puzzles to solve.

Don’t hurry. Otherwise you will stop.


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