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Dialer vault Walt Dialer – Hide WaltDroid Photo Video OS 10 locks any files you want on your Android smartphone using your personal and confidential images and videos or fast encryption technology. It hides photos from any unauthorized person and protects them in an app called zDialer.

These encrypted images or videos can only be viewed and accessed through this app using a passcode, and no one can open it without a passcode that you can set after you install our app. The app has keypad features along with favorite contacts, current call logs, contact lists and T9 search options that feel like OS 14 and Phone X. Dialer vault

There are some pictures and videos that can’t be shared with others Fortunately, now no one has to go through your photo gallery on your Android smartphone or tablet because you can easily lock all these personal photos, videos, audio or any type of file. Can use photos of our locker So, once you have installed our app on your device, we make sure that no one can see or find your personal file because we have updated our security app with state-of-the-art security technology within it and it has been developed by a team. Experts in data protection

Dialer Waltz – Hide Waldride Photo Photos OS 10 acts as a suitable photo vault and a suitable photo saver. With our app, your privacy will be password-protected and hidden from unauthorized users on your personal photo vault. This app will be available in your app reader through the name zDialer and there you will be able to find everything you have previously hidden. Best of all, you will know who is trying to access your sensitive files because we will take secret photos of the person who entered the wrong passcode and also log the time and date of this access attempt. Dialer vault

Why do you need to download and install Dialer Walt to protect images and lock videos instead of other gallery encryption app photo video OS 10?

• Easy:
The app is very easy to use our app and you can use it immediately after downloading it In the name of ZDialer you can find a dialer so that no one can easily know it
First, set a passcode and remember that you can easily access your encrypted files from anywhere on your Android smartphone or tablet at any time and at any time.

• Free:
Best of all, Dialer Waltz – Wallpapers Hydro Photo Video OS 10 is free and it will be free for life, so there is no hidden fee, no special membership or annual subscription fee to keep your Gallery Walt private.

• Safe Gallery Vault: Dialer vault
Photos We have integrated state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect your videos and photos. Once you add images to our app, no one will see them because they are safe with Valentine. You can only see them because you have a gallery lock passcode

Lock Lock:
Do you want to stop automatically without taking a second to exit? Face your phone and our app will automatically shut down and lock Super easy gallery lock!

Fingerprint Unlock:
Do you want to open our app easily without a passcode? Use your fingerprint and open your hidden files in a second!

Alert with photo:
You don’t have to worry about who tried to access your hidden files because once someone typed the wrong passcode, we would take care to take its live secret photos and also log the date and time. This feature has been specially developed to find out who is trying to spy on your files and data.

• Light:
Our app is very light and won’t take up much space from your storage device, so if you have less space in your memory, you can still hide your photos, videos and sensitive data.

What are you waiting for? Download Dialer Vault – Hide Photo Video OS 10 for Free VaultDroid and always enjoy the best free locker pictures and video locker app!


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