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Deer simulator apk There are many endangered species in the forest All of this is dangerous for your deer So deer need to learn to live in the forest and help their friends In this game you can create a family, have children and decorate your house

Dear family
You can build a family if you have a partner When your character gets high enough, you will be able to produce a child. The kids grow up and help you fight to survive in the woods and in your adventures. Don’t forget to take care of and feed your family members. Deer simulator apk

Home improvement
The deer may go to his house There is an opportunity to improve your home by buying different things Each item gives a bonus to the quality of the deer

Custom Customization
Customize the shape of the animal at your discretion You can choose from a variety of skins, magic marks, stains and funny hats Customize your skin for your concerts and kids to look as cool as possible. Deer simulator apk

You have to use every opportunity to live in the forest! Experience by working, defending yourself against other animals, and collecting food Once a level is reached, the character can experience experience attack points, power, or life There are also special skills that allow you to speed up the animal, collect more food, and get more resources for game work.

Various compositions
On your journey, you will see many different creatures There are various poachers and medicinal trees in the forest Sometimes more dangerous animals come to the forest Your family needs to be prepared to protect themselves from wolves, pigeons, snakes and even chicks! Villages are inhabited by people and pets – chickens, chickens, cows, pigs, cats, dogs, and so on. Deer simulator apk

The open world
A large open world with fields, forests, mountains, parks and villages is available for exploration.

Participate in various activities You will participate in The Aces, test miracles, help people and other animals. Deer simulator apk

Small game
Many characters can do extraordinary work that requires skill and ingenuity Be prepared for anything!

In addition to basic tasks, deer can be successful in a variety of tasks

Have fun with the deer family simulator!


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