Death Road to Canada Apk Download 1.6.6 Mod for android


Death Road to Canada Apk – a survival simulator, which has to make a difficult journey from Florida to Canada. The characters emerge in a hostile world that has recently experienced an epidemic of an unknown virus.

Death Road to Canada Apk, Death Road to Canada Apk Download 1.6.6 Mod for android
Death Road to Canada Apk

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All members of the teams are already in the hands of the user and must make a trip to Canadian territory. On the way, he will encounter bloody zombies to destroy. To destroy the walking dead you must use the special abilities of the characters. They are also important for finding food and shelter.

Death Road to Canada Apk is a randomly generated Road Trip Action RPG. In your exploration of the cities, you manage to find strangers and kill 500 zombies at once. Everything is random: locations, events, identities, and lifestyle skills. There is a different story every time you play.

Death Road to Canada Apk Download

Death Road to Canada Apk, Death Road to Canada Apk Download 1.6.6 Mod for android
NameDeath Road to Canada Apk
Size83 MB
Update1 day ago
Requires4.0 +

More About The Game

Travel Death Road to Canada Apk from Florida to Canada, the last country on Earth. Look for special events, rare encounters, and unique rentals. Here is a shout from the super culture that is strong enough to pick up and break the car. Try teaching a dog to get up and throw a minigun. They are usually eaten by large hordes of slow tropical zombie styles.

“NOTE” A driver is required for the Android TV version.


  • Design designs for a large number of playback values.
  • Character Maker allows friends and family to join the game.
  • Meet your personal characters during their journey. Let them eat unintentionally or unintentionally.
  • Make difficult choices in text events that depend on your group.
  • Your group has different identities and may betray someone else. Be careful!
  • Unique characters with many secret events and special abilities.
  • Supply of different types of weapons. Splat zombie fire shooter, battle, hockey stick, wizard staff (lightning), Mjolnir, boomerang, and more.
  • Canadian jokes are jokes written by real Canadians, so 100%.
  • Remove all people and form a whole group of dogs driving the car.
  • Air horn weapon with incredibly realistic computer-generated airhorn sounds.


Where can you download the latest version of the app?

The latest version of this application can be downloaded from our site. The link given at our site for various applications is spam-free and you can simply get all the amazing features of this application on your Android gadgets.

How does the app gets updated?

The application Gets automatically updated so you do not need to worry about the latest update of this application.

Can I download it from the google play store?

No, you cannot download this application from the Google play store because it is not present on the Google play store. The version is present on the website and various sites offer downloading links for this application and you can check those sites to get your hands on this application.

Is the application free?

Yes, this application is totally free to download and you can get the link to download this application at our site. This application is just a click away from your hands so download it today and start enjoying all the amazing features what this application has inside it for its users. 

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