Cookie Run: Kingdom’s latest update will introduce Affogato and Dark Cacao cookie


Another update for the steadily growing RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom has just been released by developer Devsisters. Along with a slew of events for gamers to get their teeth into, it will add two more cookies to dark cacao cookie the roster’s ever-expanding.

The first of the two new characters is Affogato Cookie, an Epic rare who will act as a Bomber in the centre of the pack. Additionally, Devsisters has revealed the three different voice actors for the cookie. The English, Korean, and Japanese voices, respectively, were provided by Conrad Hayes, Hyun-wook Kim, and Daisuke Namikawa.

Dark Cacao Cookie is the second new character to appear in the most recent update. She is an Ancient rarity Charge character that enjoys leading the team. It will be voiced by Patrick Seitz.

, Cookie Run: Kingdom’s latest update will introduce Affogato and Dark Cacao cookie
dark cacao cookie 1

Like any significant update to Cookie Run: Kingdom, this one includes new characters as well as a number of events. The rewards that may be obtained through them include crystals, rainbow cubes, special and magic cookie cutters, EXP star jelly beans, stamina jelly beans, and speed ups. Check out the calendar of upcoming dark cacao cookie events below:

Third Ancient Dark Cacao

13th World Map Episode

Event with Dark Cacao Gacha

After Resolution

If you haven’t heard of Cookie Run: Kingdom yet, it’s a collectible role-playing game in which you assemble a group of cookies, each with unique special abilities, and send them into combat. Outside of these battles, you’ll spend time adorning your kingdom to your tastes. Since its release more than a year ago, the game has amassed over 10 million downloads on Google Play dark cacao cookie alone.

The game Cookie Run Kingdom is currently accessible on Google Play and the App Store. The game is available for free but features in-app purchases.

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