Danganronpa Apk: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Editi


Danganronpa Apk, Danganronpa Apk: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Editi

Danganronpa 10th Anniversary: ​​Part One!

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Danganronpa is now available on smartphones!
Please enjoy the revival of Danganronpa
Improved game system and new gallery function.

■ History

This story takes place in a privileged college named “Peak of Hope” funded by the government. High-quality high school students in various fields have received elite education.

The extremely ordinary protagonist Nei Mucheng is accepted by this college which holds hope for the future of the country.

He was selected as the “ultimate lucky student” by all other ordinary students in the lottery to participate in the college.

On the day of the entrance ceremony, Chengcheng walked out in front of the hall and entered a place that looked like the inside of the college, and was completely closed to the outside world. He suddenly lost consciousness and entered a place that seemed to be inside the college.
The frustrating atmosphere is far from the impression given by the name of “Hopetop Academy”. The gloomy hallway, the iron windows and the atmosphere of the prison … something went wrong.

In the hall, a teddy bear pretending to be the principal told the students that they would live in school until the day of death, and if they wanted to leave, they must kill someone.

Including Cheng, 15 ultimate students from all over the world are trapped in this desperate college.
One thing after another shattered their hopes. Shocking events, sadistic directors and mysteries of the brain. Who is behind, what do they want?

The battle with an invisible enemy begins …

Game Features

・ High-speed performance
Determine the truth of each incident based on the testimony and evidence collected during the investigation. Use the knowledge you learned in the high-speed classroom test to knock down the opponent’s statement.

Graphics 2.5D dynamic graphics
From the combination of 2D illustrations of characters and objects in a 3D environment, a uniquely designed environment was born, flat but three-dimensional.
These new 2.5D animated graphics were developed using unique motion technology and photography.

・ Fully optimized for smartphone control
The 3D card mobile controls and user interface have been redesigned!
The card jump function has been improved through various other adjustments to make the gameplay smoother than before.

■ Additional content

・ Privacy Gallery
Privacy incidents have been organized in the form of galleries!
Replay your favorite characters and events at any time.

・ Character Gallery
Allow players to view the sprites and character rows in the gallery.
If you want to listen to this line, you can now!

・ The Ultimate Gallery
A gallery filled with promotional illustrations and character tables from official art books.


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