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cube x apk, Cube x apk No 1 Best App

Cube x apk Cubex is a featured cube server that is capable of creating the lowest possible solution from any valid input state. Simply access the State Cube manually or scan using a camera and the Cube will guide you through the steps to resolve your Cube in a few minutes! There is also a stylish virtual cube and an built-in cube timer to play in the cube. It works offline and for free! Cubex is the only cube app you will ever need

CubeX provides two solutions Frederick Solver and Advanced Silver. Cube x apk

Frederick Solver gives you a one-on-one solution It is based on the popular Friedrich method (or CFOP method) of the Solver Cube solution.

Improved silver can create the lowest possible solution within seconds The solution to any valid situation can be created with more than 20 speeds! Its core, advanced solution is the implementation of Herbert Soshimba’s two-stage algorithm. Cube x apk

Pattern Silver helps you access any valid pattern from any valid pattern in the cube with the least possible number.

The virtual cube allows you to play, learn, solve and track multiple times. You can apply a predefined or custom structure to the virtual cube and add a virtual cube using your own algorithm. You can run Friedrich or Advanced Silver directly on the virtual cube.

Key Features: Cube x apk

Get the lowest possible solution
2 Advanced Solutions
• Sample solver
Virtual Cube
Ability to add and store custom cubes
Manual and camera input
• Cube timer
Calibrate and save multiple cube color palettes

Now with more features, CubeX is in continuous development Any comments or suggestions are welcome CubeX is free and ad-supported If you like the app, please support us by purchasing an ad-free version. Thanks! Cube x apk

Known aspects:

• Camera usage may be poor on some devices.


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