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Craft apk Do you like to make games? Welcome to the new edition industry: handicrafts and construction
Craft Vegas: Crafting and building is a new free building construction game of 2020. This is an industry-wide game that will replace the concept of cubic sandbox with handicrafts, ideas that will open your mind to any idea and creative structure. You can do whatever you want with Craft Vegas, it can give you total freedom, a sense of industry and construction, industry and girls for girls.

Craft VEGAS: Crafting and building resources, collection and collection, weapons and handicrafts, crafting and building 2020, save the game industry and various methods for construction. Craft Vegas, built during the real world, construction industry, urban development industry research. Craft apk

  • Beware of this industrial veg, there are not only many peaceful animals in this world, but also a large number! Fight them, and you will find a valuable resource as a reward! Discovering new land and swimming in the ocean to get resources – the world is almost endless.
  • New version of Handicraft Vegas: Start construction and show your world your creation Be creative in your own infinite world Develop unique creatures and monsters that will be available only to you

Features of Free New Version Crafts Features: Handicrafts and Construction: Craft apk

  • HD graphics
  • Modern city map
  • Suitable for families: Boys and girls will love
  • Sector development and resource collection
  • Choose your character: boy or girl Fake skin
  • Craft Vegas map
  • Creativity and survival
  • Extremely dangerous monster attack
  • Building Games: Build Your Own Building

Activity in this world is limited to your imagination! This Craft Vegas game requires no skills – you will know it in the first minute of the game.
Start Craft Vegas: Start creating your own world with crafting and construction games and a variety of beautiful cubes and finishes: flowers, pictures, kitchens, bedrooms, tables with computers and more.


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