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cosmicons icon pack apk download Candy Conce is an icon pack that follows the content design language of Google.
This icon pack uses the color design pallet provided by Google. Each icon is focused on small details!

Customers need to work completely! FAQ section for more information!

Features Features: cosmicons icon pack apk download

  • 1127 symbols
  • Color for some icons
  • Support for multiple launchers
  • Dynamic Google Calendar for supported launchers
  • About wallpaper
  • Blueprint dashboard by Zaheer Fiqtiva
  • Museum support

Useful information: cosmicons icon pack apk download

Theme Engine:
If you have used the LineageOS theme engine to implement the icon pack, you will not be able to select the option icon because it is a feature feature that should be linked to the CM theme itself. You will need to install a launcher that will allow you to edit icons

All icons are ready (so far) in the highest definition available for Android devices. So they should look clean and tidy

Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting:
If you want to use a custom icon for a particular app, you can do so by holding a specific icon, it will bring up a small popup from where you can edit the icon and name. From there, select the icon, it will show another popup then select the conditions and select your favorite icon.

Bad symbol?
If you are looking for some icons that are not attractive, please join the Beta community and let me know instead of giving a bad rating. The link can be found in the description

Google is now a launcher!
Google Now Launcher is a stock launcher and does not support icon packs.


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