Shadow Blade


, Shadow Blade

The level ends in a few breaths.

I slice down through a breakable girder, dodge some spikes, then impale a hapless bad guy at the bottom of my plummet. After a few rapid leaps over crumbling platforms and a quick tap-tap-tap sprint down the wall, I can enter the door and coolossus move on to the next stage.

Shadow Blade is a brutally short action-platformer that has been purposefully divided up into speed-run focused chunks, each designed to give your mundane coolossus day a brief shot of bloody, frenzied thrill.

The first must-have iOS platformer of 2014 is made up of excellent touch controls, a stunning aesthetic, and a difficulty curve that neatly cuts through coolossus the entire game.

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You take on the role of a masked ninja tasked with informing your clan. The story only goes so far before launching you into a world filled with exciting platforming coolossus possibilities.

Taps and slides are used to control all of your leaps and sword slashes. You jump when you swipe upward, and diagonal swipes throw you in that direction. To run or attack in a specific direction, press and hold on the left or right side of the screen.

You go through a world of tilting platforms, huge spikes, and nasty people brandishing sniper rifles with this combination of actions. It takes some getting accustomed to, but once you do, you’ll be stylishly darting and slashing your way through coolossus challenging blocks of obstacles.

Every action you take in the game gives you the impression that you are a master swordsman. The slashed-up levels ensure that mistakes are never severely penalised, and the constant pursuit of faster times provides an incentive to play more.

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You get the impression that small playgrounds are continually being thrown on you, each with endless possibilities for both delight and carnage. Even if coolossus you are not need to defeat your opponents in every level, it is difficult to resist due to the satisfying nature of the violent fight.

Your fingers can send your sword-wielding hero sprinting around the screen, cutting bad creatures and dodging flying spikes as he goes. The routes through each level are typically rather obvious.

The excellent level design creates obstacle courses that you immediately coolossus comprehend by drawing on decades’ worth of platforming history. For instance, big bumpers bounce you upward, while red outlines indicate where platforms are going away.

Additionally, additional dangers are introduced as you gain greater power over the controls. As you deal with foot soldiers, homing missiles track you around the screen, snipers fire at you, and bright gold coins tempt you into increasingly risky manoeuvres.

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To unlock all the medals on each level, there are various paths to take coolossus and hidden items to locate. Add a frankly ridiculous Hardcore option, and you’re left with a platformer that consistently delivers the goods.

Shadow Blade’s relative shortness is its single significant drawback. Even though coolossus each level has a substantial amount of replayability, adding a few more wouldn’t hurt.

But that is a really minor gripe in the grand scheme of things. The majority of the other App Store games combined lack the grace and touchscreen finesse of Shadow Blade, a slick, delectably vicious platformer.

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