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Cool goal Football for everyone! Show off your best kick with a quiet goal, an action-packed football game that always hits the back of the net. Your job Shoot and score! Dodge countless enemy players, bend your balls like a football superstar and nail a proper target! Now explore almost infinite football games in Cool Goal!

To play, you have to define the angle of your football strike and make sure you give it a full time so that you don’t hit any obstacles or opposing players. Sounds simple? Think again! Enemy players are going to pull all sorts of crazy kicks! Your lightning strike on every penalty shootout needs to have a quick response, reasonable skills and serious football knowledge. Cool goal

You will be able to hit the ball easily, as you dominate the perfect football kick and turn the defender’s goal game. You will find it so simple that you will never want to play football Before you know it, you’ll be able to score under pressure and hit a ball of fire so hard that it won’t stop! You’re a striker, and no one will come your way when you hit the ball and make a name for yourself in a cool cool goal game.

As you progress through each level, you will collect gold coins and keys that you will use to unlock new skins and football heroes. To research more than any other free football game, you won’t run out of football stuff soon. Cool goal

Get new skin for your football, and dress like a star when you strike the final football, you style it. Once you open the three keys, you can choose to use them to unlock the prize catches for more footballs. The colder the goal, the more you will get out of this jam-packed ball game that will send you all over the world like throwing a ball from the beach to the peak of snow.

If you love football and you are on a football strike, it will bring you back to the beautiful game because it is more than just ‘football’, it is more than your average football game, it is a beautiful goal! Be prepared to face various football shootout challenges at thousands of levels by presenting various penalty shots, ball games and sometimes free kicks. Cool goal

So, have you got what it takes to hit a crazy football kick and shoot a ball around the world? Wear your football kicks, because there is only one way to find out, this is a quiet goal time! Use your mind and your boots as if you are finishing a disruption for life.

Say goodbye to annoying free football games and say hello to the whole world of free football games. Feel the joy of the game as before, because this penalty shootout is not like any other football game. Cool goal is your dream football shootout!


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