Automatic Control Systems apk Engineering


Control Systems apk, Automatic Control Systems apk Engineering

This application presents the Lecture Notes and Solved Problems with Matlab help of two significant Classical Automatic Control Course that are for the most part trained worldwide in different Engineering Disciplines.

The Classical Control Approach is canvassed in two significant courses, specifically:

EE 417 – Automatic Control Engineering.

EE 418 – Automatic Control Systems.

The Intended Learning Outcomes are:

  • Know why Engineers need to Study Automatic Control?
  • What are the terms and definitions utilized in the field?
  • Know how to speak to Systems in a Mathematical Way so as to foresee its Behavior
  • Can we disentangle colossal plants into a circumstances and logical results equation? Indeed we can .. Let me give you How
  • How would we be able to advise if the framework will carry on in a distraught manner even without turning it on?
  • Is the framework going to be moderate, moderate or quick ?
  • Will the System Output at long last follow my order?
  • If we add a speaker to the framework, in what capacity will it carry on?
  • Controlling a known framework – this is the way
  • Controlling a Black Box framework – bit of cake

The secured substance are:

  • Introduction to Control Systems
  • Modeling of Various Systems:
  • Electrical/Mechanical/Electro-mechanical
  • Block Diagram Reduction Techniques
  • Signal Flow Graph
  • Concept of Stability:
  • Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion
  • Transient Response of:

First and Second Order Systems

  • Steady State Error Calculation and Analysis
  • Root Locus Techniques
  • Lead and Lag Compensators Design
  • P.I.D Controllers and their parameters changing

At long last, I trust you will profit the most from this application in your instructive and pragmatic life as an Engineer.

All the all the best.

Dr. Walid Ghoneim

[email protected]



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