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Com monotype android font flora Clean FFT Fonts For Samsung Galaxy Flip Fonts
Clear free font themes for Samsung Galaxy Flip Font® and Go Launcher X.

The 10-Font Free Clean FFT Font Pack is designed to be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy and Monotype Typing Inc Flip Font app and will install new free fonts on your Galaxy phone that are compatible with the Flip Font app on your phone. Yes. The FFT font pack is also designed to support GO Launcher X and will allow users to import the fonts included in the Launcher Launcher application. Note: This application is owned by FlipFant Trade Mark and Technology, GO Launcher X or Monotype Typing, Inc. Not sponsored, approved or involved

Com monotype android font flora

The app works with the Samsung Galaxy Flip Font® program and / or the GO Launcher X. For any of these 10 free clean FFT fonts you can use the Flip Font app on your Galaxy phone to change the user interface font on your phone. You can use GO Launcher X to import these 10 free FFT fonts for use in the launcher theme. This font pack includes 10 free fonts designed for free flip fonts.

This font pack is the only app designed for the Samsung Galaxy Flip Font that provides working fonts for the Samsung Galaxy 4, Samsung Galaxy 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phones.

This font pack should work on all Galaxy brand phones (except Knox). Com monotype android font flora

To use this font pack, check that your phone may change to the “Display” -> “Screen Display” section of the “Settings” … or you have a root phone. This plug-in should work on any phone that allows custom fonts and is a flip font or can be used with GO Launcher X.

This Android application is GO Launcher EX, FlipFont®, or Monotype Imaging Inc. Not related to All performance, trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners


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