Cogo data collection Apk


Cogo data collection Apk, Cogo data collection Apk

Cogo Data Collection is a savvy and flexible geo-information enlistment application.

Make geo information assortment progressively effective utilizing one super easy to understand device. Give your associates direct access to your geo-information, making coordinated effort, sharing data and giving input simpler. Each client can utilize this application anyplace without guidelines to check information, register new perceptions or react to occurrences.

Administrators approach the Cogo the executives condition with their association record to make maps, design structures and welcome clients.

Your associates will begin gathering information that has been doled out right away. When working disconnected, the information is put away locally. When working on the web, the information is put away legitimately in your own GIS condition -, for example, GeoServer – by means of the WFS-T standard.

You need a Cogo association represent this application.


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