CLZ Music Apk- Music Database


CLZ Music Apk, CLZ Music Apk- Music Database

Effectively list your CDs and vinyl records. Programmed spread pictures and tune records. Simply check scanner tags with your camera!

Membership: $14.99 every year/free 7-day preliminary

Utilize our “CLZ Core” administration to effortlessly include collections, either by:

  1. filtering CD or vinyl standardized tags with your gadget camera.
  2. looking through our online music database by craftsman and title
  3. looking by Catalog Number (extraordinary for vinyl).

CLZ Core will consequently give you spread pictures and full collection subtleties, similar to craftsman, title, name, year, class and obviously the full melody list.

Utilize our “CLZ Cloud” administration to:

  • Share your application membership to other cell phones, without paying once more.
  • Sync your music database between gadgets (for example your telephones and tablets).
  • View and offer your collection list web based, utilizing the CLZ Cloud watcher site.
  • Always have an online cloud-reinforcement of your assortment database.
  • Sync information to/from our Music Collector or Music Connect programming (separate buy).

Other application highlights:

  • Keep track of your assortment and your list of things to get.
  • Edit collection sections to include more subtleties, similar to area, proprietor, notes, rating, and so on.
  • Can’t discover your collection in CLZ Core? Don’t sweat it, simply use Add Manually from the menu.
  • Group collections into organizers, for example by craftsman, position, name, sort, year, and so forth…
  • Sort collection records by craftsman, year, title, buy date, length, and so on…
  • Cool “infographic” style Statistics page with top 5 records and outlines.
  • View your assortment as a rundown or as a “spread divider”.
  • Questions or concerns? Simply get in touch with us! *

We love to hear your criticism, we are here to help with any issues or concerns.

In the application, tap the menu symbol upper left, at that point pick Contact Support.

  • Subscription valuing *

CLZ Music is a membership application:

  • $1.49 every month, while paying month to month

or on the other hand

  • $14.99 every year, while paying yearly (~ $1.25 every month)

The membership lets you:

  • utilize the application on different telephones and tablets
  • get to our CLZ Core online music database, for collection subtleties and spread craftsmanship
  • utilize our CLZ Cloud framework, for adjusting between gadgets, reinforcements and web based sharing
  • utilize our phenomenal client care by email, 7 days per week
  • download our normal application refreshes with new highlights and upgrades

You can begin a 7-day let loose preliminary from the application’s beginning screen. The free preliminary naturally proceeds into your preferred membership (month to month or yearly). You can drop your membership whenever through the Play Store.


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