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Clue apk And oh and oh! Your customer’s husband is suspected of cheating! What are you going to do? Smell the indicator and prove that you are a fraud once and collect all that money! $$$

With this addiction and humor, you will have fun non-stop trying to figure out what happens next! Who knows, you might as well be forced to make a video for the internet! Are you a spy? Search now

Game Features: Clue apk

Don’t be silly!
Each level presents you with a number of options – give the right answer to catch the cheater. The wrong answer will hurt your customers It’s very sad

  1. To solve many cases!
    When you are not helping the theater and looking for lies, you are solving other high-stack crimes! Can you solve them?
  2. A fun time for everyone!
    Everyone can play Klu Hunter If you are a hunter – ask your friends and loved ones for help! It’s not a shame to do anything to solve these ridiculous puzzles
  3. Simple and gameplay
    Once you start, you will want to continue to resolve various issues The best spy game out there!
  4. Can you save a girl?
    Good luck!

Go to, if you have any feedback, need help on a level bit or have a terrific idea that you want to see in the game!

From the studio that brings you Happy Glasses, Flip Triksters and Love Ball!


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