Clock themes No 1 Best App


clock themes, Clock themes No 1 Best App


Clock themes The first analog clock wallpaper in the Google Play market since 2013!

This is a basic analog clock For home screen you can use it as an app, live wallpaper and widget. Clock themes

The clock also displays the current date of the week, the day of the week, the month and the battery charge. You can set your logo text in the dial, choose a solid or gradient style, choose a custom color.

The clock can double tap or voice-tap the current time in stages, for example up to an hour. All settings of the watch scene (as you can see) are determined by visual control.

The clock can be resized for live wallpaper You can set any position on the home screen, for example in the left-right corner. Clock themes

The clock widget can also be resized (use long touch) It is transparent so you can set it in your image wallpaper You can set an action tap for the widget: Open this app or build-in alarm clock. Note: You can set multiple widgets on the home screen

Additional features of an Analog clock. Clock themes

  • Additional information on the dial is: day, date, month and battery charge of the week. You can hide any information or transfer it to any given location;
  • The month and day of the week will be displayed by the language created by the settings of the world month, therefore, the clock is all-India;
  • You can hide the other hand;
  • You can change the text of the logo in the dial;
  • There are two shades per hour: solid and ield The gradient style uses two colors: the colors of the middle and bottom and top points of the dial. The hand of the clock is also displayed with an ield You can also select the color of the second hand and the color of the text of the additional information on the dial;
  • One option is to “hide double tap for seconds for second hand” It is useful for reading additional information on the dial, for example, a month;
  • You can set the clock size and any position of the home screen for live wallpaper;
  • The clock can tell the current time by double tapping or phoning: 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Note, use one tap for widget instead of double tap for all tasks.
  • Home screen has special settings for widgets You can show it on the other hand, but it will require a little more battery charge Tap on the widget and set a task: Open this application, open the built-in alarm clock or do nothing;
  • Put on screen for application

Frequently asked questions. Clock themes

  1. The app did not say the current time
    Please open to install a special app from Google: “Settings – Speech time – Help button” or you can use any similar. Also use the global settings of your device, for example “Settings – Language and Input – Text to Speech”.
  2. The widget sometimes closes or disappears
    Please open: “Settings – Settings for Widgets” and see the instructions. Unfortunately some of these problems cannot be solved on some devices Then try to change the launcher as well
  3. I can’t set live wallpaper on the lock screen
    There is no legal solution for some devices This is blocked by the security of the device


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