clicker for whatsapp apk no 1 best apk app


clicker for whatsapp apk, clicker for whatsapp apk no 1 best apk app

clicker for whatsapp apk How is this click to chat for whatsapp useful to me? you can open contact on the official WhatsApp app (or Business) with another user if you know their number to send a whatsapp messgae to that person this was what this click to chat app does. This app replaces the method of saving the number into contacts 😀. This is like as clicking an unknown number on a group on whatsapp, messaging him without saving his contact. clicker for whatsapp apk

This click to chat app only has the click to chat feature and the app is extremely simple and so I made it less ads, as less as possible, and this app is free; just to help others use this feature that WhatsApp have (note that I’m not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc) launched. clicker for whatsapp apk


This app uses WhatsApp ‘click to chat’ feature ( to open a chat with any number (a chat between you and that number).
No contact is created on the device, you don’t need to save it on your contacts list. Just open the app, enter the number, click the button and the chat will open (if the number doesn’t exists WhatsApp will notify it).

Best For Situations like:
🌟 Someone called you and you want to contact it via WhatsApp. clicker for whatsapp apk
🌟 Send a message to someone but you don’t want to save it. clicker for whatsapp apk
🌟 Chat to yourself clicker for whatsapp apk
🌟 Saves time on saving contact
🌟 Instant Message

This is a tool app : simple and lightweight. no extra size, no dangerous permissions, low ads…just the click to chat feature. clicker for whatsapp apk


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