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Classic boy apkAn emulator allows you to play classic games with gestures and sensors that you have never seen before!

Classic Bay is a powerful all-in-one emulator It is currently running: Classic boy apk

(1) Play Station 1 (PS1)
(2) Nintendo 64 (N64)
(3) Gambo Advance (GBA)
(4) Game Classic (GB)
(5) Game color (GBC)
(4) NES / Famicom
(Jane) Sega and so on
(() SNK NeoGeo |

This application does not come with ROM
Classical gesture mapping takes the medium of a game controller and calibration, making it very useful for controlling arcade games. When the mode controller switches gestures, the screen for the left is for speed and the right for work. There are 8 swipe directions that can be found on each side of the screen and can be mapped with one key to each game.

In addition to the controller gesture, the accelerometer sensor (depending on the hardware) is supported to control the movement for a character and a calibration console is also provided for fine adjustment of the tilt parameters. Through these two input mediums, users can play games on a transparent screen and are still single!

The gesture / censor controller and state load functions are only supported in the full version, but save state and traditional inputs such as on-screen 2D buttons and external joust mapping are supported as main functions in the LITE version. The user can switch all controllers from the time of running For traditional input, a powerful layout editor can be used to define the position and size of each 2D button, and a maximum of 4 players can be defined for external jostic or gamepad mapping.

To learn more about color emulators, please try using the application and read the HELP and ABOUT pages. There are many settings for this application, but the game should run smoothly without any changes.

Light version features:Classic boy apk

  • Supports the following console or handheld games: Play Station 1 (PS1), Nintendo 64 (N64), Gameboy Advance (GBA), Gameboy Classic (GB), Gameboy Color (GBC), NES / GNG,
  • Touch screen input from graphic buttons
  • Graphic button editor for status and size definition Custom button view settings such as style, scale, animation, transparency …
  • Maximum 4 players supported by external jostic / keyboard input mapping key.
  • Controller profiles (tests) such as PS3, XBOX360 and MOGA are supported.
  • Custom game settings for video game size and filters
  • Audio Recover
  • gesture / sensor settings
  • Game State Auto-Save and Slot Save

Users can purchase the full version and activate the following:

  • Game status Auto-Load and Slot Load
  • gesture controller
  • Sensor Controller

Legal: Nintendo, Sony, SEGA or SNK Corporation, their affiliates or subsidiaries are not authorized, authorized, licensed or licensed by this product.


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