Clash Royale tier list: Ranking every card in season 37 [July 2022]


, Clash Royale tier list: Ranking every card in season 37 [July 2022]
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current as of July 19, 2022
What better way to pay homage to this outstanding game than to rate every card in a Clash Royale tier list? This popular smartphone game has been available for just over 6 years, and it seems there is no end in sight. The game was incredibly different back then. There were significant 10,000-gem tournaments, you had to use coins to play, and there were no clash royale unblocked legendary cards.

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In 2022, there are now more than 100 cards accessible in Clash Royale. Today, we’ll try our best to rank every card in the game, even though some of them are excessively powerful or urgently need Supercell’s attention. Although we are aware that the community won’t accept our rating, rarely does the community accept anything. But any dedicated gaming community includes it.

Here is how we ranked each card in the Clash Royale tier list.

Sergio Velasquez created the original list, which the Pocket Gamer staff clash royale unblocked updated.

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