Clash of Kings Mod Apk Download v7.19.0 Free For Android


Clash of Kings Apk introduces players to familiar stories, becoming the direct heirs of a kingdom that was once successful in the hands of your ancestors. Sadly, hundreds of centuries of corruption and inadequate governance have left the kingdom in turmoil.

In the kingdom that is in danger of falling on the enemies, you must rise up and take your fate. Be the one to guide the people and fight against the enemies until peace and prosperity are restored to the beautiful lands.

Clash of Kings Apk, Clash of Kings Mod Apk Download v7.19.0 Free For Android
Clash of Kings Apk


Start your epic journey through Clash of Kings as you learn how to build a kingdom from a war-torn land. Use them to collect valuable resources from many different buildings, hire soldiers to prepare for future expeditions, and do not forget to prevent enemy attacks from fortifying your city.

In the game, you will find yourself in an internal conflict between many kingdoms throughout the kingdom. With the enemy at your door, you can control or fight the glory with you and your kingdom.

Clash of Kings Apk Download

Clash of Kings Apk, Clash of Kings Mod Apk Download v7.19.0 Free For Android
Clash of Kings Apk
NameClash of Kings
Size205 MB
Requires4.0 +
Update1 day ago

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Enjoy the whole battle as you immerse yourself in The Clash Of Kings. Explore behavior deeply, learn to lead a kingdom, and become a leader worthy of obedience by the people.


Here you will find all the exciting features the game has to offer:

Build your City and Increase Your Own Army

Enjoy the classic strategy game as you build your city with its many buildings and forts. Explore the surrounding areas in search of resources and places to conquer. Hire your new troops and train your army to fight battles. Participate in raids and fight tower defenses. Register the kingdoms you want and level up to be king.

Play Different Levels

Play different levels in the game and gradually learn the controls and behaviors. In addition, you will receive useful rewards that will allow you to fight off invaders and eventually claim control over your kingdom.

Enjoy Exciting Online Games With Players From All Over The World

To make the game more exciting, players can also explore the outside world after defeating enemies and taking control of their entire kingdom. That said, you can join millions of players around the world as you immerse yourself in an exciting online game.

Real-Time PvP Battle

Enjoy a real-time PvP battle where you command your entire army to play against each other in different ways, defending your base from enemy attacks and vice versa, until you face off an epic clash between two armies.  However, you will find a lot of fun in Clash of Kings.

Different Civilizations With Special Characteristics

Clash of Kings also allows players to access different civilizations using their own unique features. These include the famous Roman, Huaxia, Vikings, Yamatos, Dragon-born, and more. Depending on your preference, you can choose your favorite civilizations and immerse yourself in the epic Clash of Kings.

The Final Verdict

Discover new Dragon-born civilizations, Vikings, Yamato, and Huaxia cover all news of killing them. Download this amazing application and enjoy all the features and contents it has for its users. 

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