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clash of clans private server 2017 apk download Welcome to Max Guide: The Class of Clans is not a game but a useful app for fans and fans alike. Here are some of the best coke wikis and guides for you We present a strong collection of clan layouts and base map collisions All of these coke layouts are among the top professional players Follow the tips and guidance with Max to get to the next level, easily build a strong village and win any encounter or group attack.

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Base Layout Recommendations

  • A list of Coke Layouts with Farming, Hybrid, Trophy and War Layouts from Town Hall 4 to Town Hall 12.
  • Builder base map recommended by the clan from Builder Hall to Builder Hall.
  • Funny base layouts are also available

One click to copy the layout

  • Click to view map details, zoom-in and zoom-out
  • One click to copy the full map / cocoa layout
  • Build your strong village in 3 seconds

100% free guide for everyone

  • All clans come from the Aadhaar map and the top professional players
  • All kinds of coco base / layouts are free!

Guidelines for Max: Class of Clans is not a game, but a free on-the-go question guide and Aadhaar map recommendation app created by Coco fans. All trademarks, images, or other sports-related information are created by its owner, and copyright is not the sole purpose of any copyright infringement.


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