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City car driving download apk Eti car driving on Google Play is the most realistic car simulator !!
Are you ready to develop your driving skills? Now you can get it for free !!!
Feel free to play any mode, career, checkpoint, drive or free mode. Earn points and get more cars …
Earn more points and personalize your car

How to play. City car driving download apk

  • Career mode –
  • Follow the yellow arrow
  • When there is an arrow, use your symbol before getting more points
  • Do not run red light
  • Park your car in a green area
  • Checkpoint mode –
  • Collect all checkpoints at a specified time
  • Drive mode –
  • Bus drive at specific times

Game features: City car driving download apk

  • Excessive physics and environment
  • 3 control options, tilt, steering or arrow
  • Various camera angles with interior view !!
  • 11 cars with 8 rims and 8 colors
  • Realistic traffic simulation
  • Traffic light
  • Information


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