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Cinderella game download Once, in a distant country, there was a dam in a crisis called Cinderella
Tomorrow, Cinderella is going to the ball where she will meet Prince Charming But the prince had nothing to wear. He really needs your help!

Cinderella game download

Go back to your own fashion and become a goddess and create a magical look for her to capture the prince’s heart! Crimson with a beautiful dress, top and skirt, gloves, handbag, diamond and shoes, you can create the right princess look for crimson!
Don’t let him meet the prince who looks like a cuckoo – help Sindoor find him happily!

Features Features: Cinderella game download

  1. It’s a dress up game, girls will like it
  2. There are a lot of beautiful clothes to wear, tops and skirts, gloves, handbags, and all are free, yes, free, free, !!!!
  3. Dress Up Cinderella starts with telling a story, it should be more fun than other dress games.


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