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Cheetah simulator Keep this beautiful animal as a wild leopard in the simulator!
Hunt with your partner! Create a family! Children of the species! Upgrade the house!

A vast and dangerous desert is being discovered! Save your leopard family! Come on! Cubs need a lot of attention, so they need to be fed and played until they feed. Stay in a beautiful home with your friends and kids (no one will bother you there!) With all kinds of amazing upgrades to shelters, wonderful lakes and ancient dinosaur chi-rex bones.
Hunt many enemies including elephants, zebras, giraffes, Rohino, lions and lions, tigers, drummers, buffalo, hypo, gazelle, and hyena! This is the best and funniest cheetah simulator! Cheetah simulator

The main features of this animal simulator are:

Support a family with your friends
Hunt with your partner so that your kids never go hungry! Play with them so they grow faster! When you are sick, fix them! And there are so many types it’s hard to say.

Terrible house
Stay in a wonderful house! The house is a safe place for your family No one will harass you there Upgrade it to shelters, beautiful lakes, king reefs and ancient dinosaur che-rex bones where your children can hunt. Cheetah simulator

Day and night cycle
Waiting for the real day and night cycle with unexpected weather! Be careful when hunting at night Some monsters can be more powerful, others faster! Night vision is happening fast!

Creating a 3D world with multilingual locations
A huge 3D world is waiting to be discovered! Your leopard companion and leopard family will help you find all kinds of amazing things to look forward to! More great places to come soon in the next update! Cheetah simulator

So you don’t miss the update and our animal simulators!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this animal simulator game – let us know! Write to us on any social network or leave a message in the email!


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