Cashify Apk- Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online


Cashify Apk, Cashify Apk- Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online

Cashify is a smooth, smart & easy-to-use platform where you can sell old mobile in just 60 seconds. To sell a smartphone online using the Cashify app, you can get a price quote for your used phone instantly. Browse through our mobile listing or simply search for your model, get the accurate price on minimum effort and sell the mobile phone right from your doorstep.

How Cashify Works?

Cashify is designed to be user-friendly and help you sell used phone quickly at the best price. Here’s how simple it is:

1. Download the app
2. Select your City
3. Go to the mobile phone category
4. Select your mobile brand and model
5. Answer a few questions about your old phone
6. If you like the price quoted, click on “Sell Now”
7. Pick a date & time for device pickup
8. Hand over the old phone to the pickup agent and get instant payment

Why Sell Your Old Mobile Phone On Cashify?

If you’re wondering how to sell your mobile phone for best price, Cashify is your go-to platform that brings along the following key benefits:

Instant Payment

We believe in instant returns. Cashify delivers instant payment at the time of device pickup. You can opt for any other payment mode, such as Internet Banking, Paytm Wallet Transfer, or Amazon Voucher as per your convenience.


Security is of paramount concern to us. So, when you sell used mobile or anything on Cashify, you’re not required to post any ad that might compromise your personal details. Similarly, every device sold to us is wiped out completely to ensure full data privacy for our users.

Quick & Convenient

Cashify is all about convenience. Selling any device on Cashify takes just 3 simple steps: simply install the Cashify App on your phone, run your device through an automatic diagnosis process to get a quote, and place your request.

Smartphone Diagnosis

Cashify mobile application runs complex algorithms at each step of smartphone diagnosis to finally provide you with the best price of your old phone. Our algorithm is quite efficient and quickly runs all the software and hardware level tests required to calculate the best price to be offered for any phone.

Free Pickup

We know how annoying those hidden Terms & Conditions can be. That’s why our pick-up service is absolutely free and involves zero hidden charges.

Refer and Earn

We believe that having a friend pays you at times. Therefore, we have a refer & earn policy that entitles you to earn points, every time your friends sell their devices. These points can be redeemed as money.

All you need to do is share your referral code with a friend who needs to sell his/her smartphone, which he/she will have to use to initiate a transaction of sale.

Buyback/Exchange Partners

At Cashify, we have strong business relationships with all smartphone brands and other leading E-commerce companies in the Indian market. We are the official buyback partner of many of these brands as well.

Amazon :
Chroma :
OnePlus :
Samsung :
Nokia :
Vivo :

Are few to name alongside Paytm, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, HP & Dell.

Doorstep Screen Repair

That’s not all! You can even use our 30-minute doorstep mobile screen repair for your broken phone at the click of a button. Log on to or simply download the Cashify ScreenPro app and get screen repair with up to 50% discount.

Apart from mobile phones, you can also sell laptops, tablets and gaming consoles online on Cashify.


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