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Cashflow game download Note that you are an adult in a middle-class family who has no idea about financial management and has a good job.

What will you do with your salary? Cashflow game download

I think …. buy a new car, I-phone-X, spend it every day … etc


Get married, have children . Cashflow game download

Eventually your income and expenses will increase … when your salary stays the same!

So now your routine go-to-work ==> gate-pay ==> pay-off loan ==> pay ==> loan ==> pay ==> loan …….. Will be ..And so on

You will be caught in a pay mess called RAT RACE!

RAT RACE is a permanent circular routine of money games that you can’t easily finish.
Cash flow management is very important Even though you have enough cash flow, unexpected events will push you into debt. Cashflow game download

You need a lot of financial and accounting skills to avoid RAT RACE.

RAT —- Race —- Money Game

The game allows you to follow a RAT RACE, where you will have loans to pay, banks to deposit, and interest, and many more investment options.

You can trade in gold which changes in price every day. Cashflow game download

You can buy real estate that gives you income

You can deposit in the bank to get interest

Reduce responsibility, increase wealth, increase your cash flow …. and finally earn so much that you can fulfill your dreams!

Money games are different for different professions, it will be a different money game for doctors where you have to spend more on education and you get paid more. You can choose a given profession or create your own custom profession
Race Race is a financial game that provides financial education to adults,
And people of all ages

In this way it provides a real-life example of the problems facing various businesses and gives ideas on how to solve them.

The play features the most powerful quotes from Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Learn money!


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