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captune, Captune No 1 Best App


Captune The Senseh Smart Control app provides state-of-the-art smart and integrated Senseh headphones and AMBEiser simple sound control and customization for soundbar. Except for the PXC 550 wireless, the app does not support headphones launched before 2018 (HD 4.40 BT, HD 4.50 BTNC, M2, CX 6.00, CX 7.00).

Compatibility: Senseh Smart Control is now MOMENTUM Wireless, MOMENTUM True Wireless, PXC 550, PXC 550-II, IE 80S BT, MB 660 / MB 660 MS and AMBEO Soundbar, CX150BT, CX350BT, HD450BT, HD450BT, HD450BT, HD350 . Captune

Senseh’s Smart Control is a free app and compatible with most iOS and Android systems. Compatible with Android 7.0 and above

Enjoy your SENNHEISER experience with this key feature feature:
Easy management through simple and clean design
The issue’s end has the recaptured Doomsday in the control of the KGB. Captune

Emotional similarities to personalize and enhance the word
Clear listening style – Unable to hear earbuds from your ears and set up how you hear or communicate.
Configure voice prompts or smart break settings

Access detailed product information in the user manual
Keep up to date with the latest software and software updates for your products. Captune


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