Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team introduces new RNG adjustments and quality-of-life updates in its latest patch


The well-known anime sports gacha RPG Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team has revealed that its most recent patch will include a tonne of modest but essential quality-of-life improvements. These modifications cover a wide range of topics, including tweaking captain hardcore matching and other in-game toss-ups as well as RNG results to make games feel a little fairer and less dependent on chance.

This update for Dream Team comes just a few days after the start of the game’s yearly tournament, which allows players to pit their skills against one another for some very large rewards. Dream Team has been one of the most frequently updated mobile captain hardcore games I’ve seen in a while. The addition of items like the ability to personally control your defence rather than leaving it up to the AI and chance, as well as a reduction in the chance to fumble when in a winning match-up, is part of this update’s commitment to ensure that every match is fair and balanced. To ensure that gamers like the modifications, these features are currently undergoing beta testing.

, Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team introduces new RNG adjustments and quality-of-life updates in its latest patch
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Simply enable the functionality in the Regulations settings for Group and Friendly matches to take part in this beta test. In the following days, the official Dream Team Discord will also conduct exhibition games with this feature enabled to gauge player reaction. Additionally, a survey will be available for all players, whether they use the captain hardcore Discord or not, to provide feedback.

This is wonderful news for any devoted Captain Tsubasa player since it simply means that everything will feel fairer and less based on chance, giving you more opportunities to play matches where the outcome will be determined by talent and squad captain hardcore composition. Use one of the sites below to access Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team for free if you want to try out the new features for yourself.

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