Can Knockdown 3


Be accurate! Be clever! Be quick!

Challenge your purpose, hone your precision, and push your puzzle-fixing capabilities to the following stage on this insanely addictive recreation. This installment takes the critically acclaimed Can Knockdown collection to all new heights- the physics-primarily based carnival gameplay and love- and provides unique puzzles, adrenaline-charged challenges, or even extra explosive action!

Can Knockdown 3, Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3 game

A SMASH hit series Can Knockdown 3!

Tens of thousands and thousands of downloads and still going strong! This ultra-modern edition has even greater tremendous capabilities:

• Multiple challenging levels in beautiful three-D places
• Puzzles from Easy to Tricky… can you knock them ALL down?
• Show off your skills and project your pals!
• Multiple achievements and badges… collect them ALL!
• Gorgeous 3D pix
• Amazing realism, flawlessly-tuned physics engine, smooth-to-use controls
• Gameplay boosts like multipliers, bonuses, and so much extra!
• Unlock new stages, open new locations, and find out hidden secrets and techniques!

Ready… set… THROW!

Fans of Can Knockdown will LOVE this fresh new gaming experience… tell your pals, charge our sport, and make certain to observe us on fb and twitter!

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