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Camera zoom fx premium apk Now the camera zoom is FX with Professional Camera 2 Manual Control !! Join millions of people using the ZOOM FX camera

You can do a lot of things: action shots, still shots, photo filters, collage, photo creation and more.

Key Features: Camera zoom fx premium apk

Complete manual DSLR control using Camera API2!
Aw Raw Capture (Supported Devices)
Set ISO, Focus Distance, Exposure, Shutter Speed
✔ Fast, more powerful professional camera !!

This is a joint shooting mode, e.g. Timer + HDR, Stable + Timelaps!
Specific button commands on UX!
. The fastest camera on Android
Air Killer Speed ​​Blast Mode!
Aw Raw Capture (Supported Devices) Camera zoom fx premium apk

Distance manual control, ISO, shutter speed, focus distance (supported devices)
Set the work for the Hardware button, e.g. Volume to control zoom
Mode is the best photo mode! Choose your favorite from multiple photos!
! Static shot for better pictures!
4 timers
ର Voice activated
Maker Collage Maker
करना Pass time

✔ HDR mode pro
The effect of the Ro 100: Vignette, Retro, Holga, Boke, Lomo, Hipster!
Tap anywhere anywhere to shoot
Anti Silent Camera Mode
Grid Overlays
✔ 360 zodiac level
Multiple flash modes. Camera zoom fx premium apk

✔ Living effects
Visual mode, e.g. Night
Flash selfie flash
Link to the video video app
. Widgets for your photos
. Custom folder with external storage
E Collage: such as 2×2 selfie shots
4 Tilt-shift filters

★ Free Download Pack:
4 fun camera tips
✔ Famous ‘friends’
Ut shutter animation
4 frames

App permissions are defined:
• Camera: to take photos
Write internal storage: to save photos
• Location: for geotagging photos (b al kalpik)
• Microphone: to support voice activation (optional)


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