Mobile Security Camera apk (FTP)


Camera apk, Mobile Security Camera apk (FTP)

CameraFTP’s Mobile Security Camera can without much of a stretch transform your cell phone into a cloud-based surveillance camera. Contrasted and other security or reconnaissance frameworks, our administration is amazingly simple to arrangement, the expense is significantly lower. It is likewise progressively secure as it spares pictures to the secure server farm. You can screen the scene live or play back recorded pictures from anyplace. offers advanced FTP administration for surveillance cameras. Practically all system surveillance cameras bolster FTP. A surveillance camera isn’t so secure except if it records information remotely. CameraFTP’s Cloud recording and playback administration is incredibly secure. A gatecrasher can wreck your camera, however he can never erase the recorded pictures in the cloud.

On the off chance that you have an old advanced cell that you do not utilize anymore, why not make it a surveillance camera? CameraFTP likewise bolsters webcams, and we have Android/iOS based Viewer application just as internet browser based Viewer. Regardless of whether it is for home security, business security or for your friends and family, CameraFTP administration is simple, secure, helpful and incredibly reasonable.

Camera FTP offers a progressive security and checking administration for home, business and easygoing clients. Beginning at just $1.50/month, it offers unquestionably more and preferable highlights over customary security administrations. It is amazingly simple to arrangement, underpins any IP/organize cameras, and you can even utilize a webcam or a cell phone as your surveillance camera. Your information is put away in CameraFTP’s safe server farm, it is more secure than other security administrations.

CameraFTP offers offsite capacity for surveillance cameras. You can remotely screen and playback the recorded pictures. You can likewise share or distribute your cameras for others to see.

CameraFTP is an auxiliary of, the main Cloud IT arrangement supplier. Situated in Silicon Valley, DriveHQ has been doing business since 2003 with more than 2 million enlisted clients.


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