Panoramic 360° CCTV Bulb Camera apk


Camera apk, Panoramic 360° CCTV Bulb Camera apk

See your whole home/working environment when you are away!

Item Overview:

360° Panoramic CCTV Bulb Camera is a fish-eye wide-edge observation framework for live checking. A brilliant CCTV camera that is generally utilized at home, office, manufacturing plant and so on. As of now the best bulb type remote reconnaissance framework on showcase.

Highlights and Benefits:

Implementation and simple arrangement (Click here to see the establishment video)

360° Panoramic View and 3D Vision

HD Display: Excellent day and night vision

Act as a LED Bulb and CCTV Camera

5 diverse sort of perspectives on a cell phone, no vulnerable side.

All elements of CCTV camera and LED light are constrained by telephone

Two-way sound: Built-in speakers and receiver. Speak with your companions/family/pet anyplace you are

Motion Detection Sensor: Alert clients when there is movement distinguished from your home (Optional)

*Micro SD Card Slot: Support up to 128G Micro SD Card. All accounts will be spared consequently

*Complete remote arrangement

360° Constant Monitoring Through your Mobile Phone

” Is my infant conscious? “

” What is my little dog doing? “

” What if somebody’s break in? “

“How’re my children doing at home? “

” How are my folks at the present time? “

Stress No more! Your home at your telephone.


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