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Cambridge explore app Cambridge Explore is a learning app run by augmented reality technology that brings together real-time digital information, making it easier for students to retain information.

It is an interesting way of teaching that is both meaningful and involved It is designed to enhance the sensitive perception of the virtual world of science, mathematics, English, computer science, social studies or general knowledge, visualization created by the app that enables students to communicate with knowledge. Cambridge explore app

Available for free download on smartphones and tablets, the app creates an interactive experience for learners. The app uses the device to use the camera
Digital information in the form of on-screen animations, interactions, slide shows and audio.

Experience a new way to learn in three simple steps:
Step 1 – Download the application and fill out the registration details
Scan the opening page of Chapter 2 – Book Cover Page or any CUP, India Title.
Step 3 – Browsing and Access Contents. Cambridge explore app

CUP India title via Cambridge Explore app:

Cambridge School Grammar Revised Version
Cambridge listening and conversation modified version
I did this mathematically revised version
General Knowledge Research
Education for life

Piece of ice
Cambridge Express
Mathematical mileage
Maple tree
Contact Cambridge
Science Journey
Cambridge Social Science Revised Edition

Revised version around us
Eye Care Revised Edition
Coral Term Book
Saffron Semester Book
I investigate
Did you know
So Sumi
Learn leadership
My first step with Cambridge
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