call gps sms tracker apk No 1 Best App


call gps sms tracker apk, call gps sms tracker apk No 1 Best App


call gps sms tracker apk The message and call tracker app displays notifications when running in the background or when some information is sent over the network. These notices are not fictional and cannot be disabled Due to the updated Google policy, the app no ​​longer reads SMS It saves only WhatsApp messages (text only) and call read.

This app is not a remote monitoring app and cannot be used to spy on anyone

  1. After the user registers, the app continuously displays the notification and the notification will continue until the app is installed on the device.
  2. The app does not save anything on the SD card or any public storage so that no one or other app can access anything from the app.
  3. The user does not share any data from the app until the user has logged on to the website to use their username / password and request for data. When such a request is received, the app displays the notification in the notification bar
  4. WhatsApp is a trademark of Facebook Inc.

About this app
Chat to our control panel and access all the chat messages remotely even if they are not with the device.
Add notes to each record
Different You can filter messages and call with different filter options
Completely free There is no hidden charge

Message and call tracker
Use the call and message tracker app to track calls and messages on your mobile. Track all calls made or received and all received messages To view the record, you have to launch the app and click on the “view” button or go to our website and drag the record from your device.

It’s working now call gps sms tracker apk

  • Install the application and register using your email id and a PIN
  • Enable check boxes to enable tracking of messages and messages on your device.
  • Now when any call is received or received or a message is sent or received, stop for a while and then start the application.
  • Click on the “View” button in the application and you will see a record of the previous mall or message in the list view.
  • You can clear all the information stored in the settings using the “Slayer Data” option.
  • You can export tracks as text via email
  • You can view this remote information by visiting our website and entering your email ID and PIN. You have to click the ‘Details’ button to pull the details from your mobile. The server and message details will be pushed to the server automatically

Compliance with GOOGLE Developer Policy and GDPR Policy
To comply with Google policies, whenever we display a notification in the top bar

  • Continuous notifications are always displayed
  • Only the WhatsApp text message is read SMS is not read or saved
  • Your solo / message has not been uploaded automatically Once a user logs on to the website, they have to pull it out using the same credentials they used to register. Details are stored securely on a server located in the United States Users can opt-out at any time and clear details from mobile or website servers. Please accept EULA carefully before accepting

Also, this app

  • Stores all chat data collected in a secure, personal database
  • Data is saved on the device and no other app shares the app
  • Deleted data is deleted as soon as the app is uninstalled
  • The data was deleted 3 months after the app was saved
  • Details will not be uploaded to the cloud It has to be pulled from the website

Notification of access
The application requires access to the notification of the other application in order to read the message received by the other application. The app will not be able to read any calls or messages without this permission The messages read in the app will be saved locally and will be available on the website when you log on to the website and pull the record.


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