Call flash app download No 1 Best App


call flash app download, Call flash app download No 1 Best App


Call flash app download Flash Alerts: Calls and SMS will notify you of incoming calls and text messages. The Club Feature Feature Flash is finally available for Android phones.

Call flash app download

With this free app you will be able to answer any call immediately and stay away from important communication when you can’t hear your phone ring.

Key features include: Call flash app download

  • Flash alert on incoming calls
  • Flash ink lassi on SMS message
    +: Flash notifications from Viber, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype and WhatsApp
  • Shake the phone to disable the call light
  • Silent mode to activate LED lights and disable the ring

Best way to use Flash Alert? Call flash app download

  • Hospital or meeting or silent area
  • Do not listen to your phone when you are in a noisy area
  • This app also helps you find your phone in the dark
  • Helps those who are weak to hear

This app always uses your camera to lock your eyes with ink without keeping the app open, so if you decide you don’t want to use your phone flashlight, turn off the button.

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