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Call break apk Albrecht Multiplayer brings classic and popular card games to the Google Play Store with an online multiplayer feature feature.

Rules of the game. Call break apk
Colbrack is a standard 52-card deck with a kick-and-card game played between four players. A game consists of 5 rounds Prior to the start of the first round, players are seated and the first dealer is selected Each player draws a card from the deck to randomize the sitting position and the first dealer, and their order and the decision of the first dealer are decided based on the order of the cards. Dealers are successfully turning the clock around in the following rounds

In each round, a trader who starts from the right side makes all the players 13 cards per game without publishing any cards, trading all the players in an anti-clockwise manner.

All four players are going to get a decent score from different kicks to players to dealers so that they have to win that round, otherwise they will get negative points. Call break apk

In call breaks, speeds are Trump cards
At each step, the player must follow the same suit; If unable, the player must play the Trump card if he is eligible to win; If unable, the player can play any card of their choice
The player should always try to win a kick, in other words he should play a high card.

The first step in a round is done by the player to the right dealer with the card of any suit. Each player, instead of a clock, plays clockwise A ho associated with a ho wins by the most played ho If no ho is played, the move wins with the highest card of the same suit The winner of each kick takes the next step. Call break apk

A player who gets at least one score with his bid takes a score The extra kick kick (over kick kick) is an additional 0.1 times the point. If unable to accept a specific bid, the score will be deducted the same as the specified bid. Once the 4 rounds are over, the players help them set a goal for their final round. The winner and runner-up of the game has been announced after the final round

Features Features: Call break apk

  • Built-in Drag Interface to play a card
  • Buttons with improved AI in single player mode
  • Multiplayer with irregular online players
  • Multiplayer with online Facebook friends

Coming soon:

  • Local / WiFi / Hotspot Multiplayer
  • Score history, statistics
  • Leaderboard and success
  • appears and notifications

Also try the web version

Local name of the game:

  • Callbrake (Nepal)
  • Wood, Lank (in India)


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