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Calculator vault apk download Use the best photo calculator vault to hide photos, hide pictures, hide videos.

The photo vault is a calculator The Waltz app can secretly hide photos, hidden videos and other files that have a gallery lock installed on your phone, it just looks like a beautiful calculator and works great. Your files will be secretly stored in the vault and can only be seen after entering a numeric PIN on the calculator panel of this app. Calculator vault apk download

Top Features Features:

Ault Walt: Through the AES Encryption Algorithm, encrypt content you don’t want to share with others, and the file format, without any restrictions, but also supports image capture and video recording. Calculator vault apk download

Ows Browser: Secure browsing of personal websites and download photos from the web immediately lock in an inbuilt private browser and photo vault and do not leave any track on your system.

☆ Shake: Turn off the phone as soon as possible, so that everything is under your control.

Selfie Selfie Infiltrator: When someone tries to break your privacy by entering a wrong password, the intruder takes a selfie. Calculator vault apk download

Ake Fake Waltz: Create a fake waltz with various passwords to store fake photos and videos.

☆ Fingerprint Unlock: Giving you a faster, more secure way to unlock.

☆ Color Theme: Different types of fashionable colors to make your special theme.

☆ Calculator: A simple, stylish and easy to use calculator provides all the regular and scientific scientific calculator functions. Calculator vault apk download

—————————— Common Questions —————— ————–
How to open?
Enter your password and press the ‘=’ button to open it

What can I do if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, just enter the number ‘11223344’ in the calculator and press the ‘=’ button, then enter your answer to the security question and recover the password. Calculator vault apk download

How do I restore encrypted files?
Long press edit mode will enter the encrypted file, you can reinstall it using the restore button in the action bar.

Are my hidden files stored online?
Your files are only stored on your device, so please make sure to back up all your hidden files before relocating to a new device or factory reset.

Change password?
To change the unlock password, please go to your “Settings> Security> Lock Type”.


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