Calculator lock apk No 1 Best App


calculator lock apk, Calculator lock apk No 1 Best App


Calculator lock apk Box calculator is completely free to hide unlimited pictures and videos Do you really want a secret locker for your personal files on your phone? You cannot quit this application When you install the Smart Calculator Plus app on your phone, there is no need to worry when giving your smartphone to a friend and family.

Top features. Calculator lock apk

Hide Ideas Pictures and Videos: Your files will be stored in secret and you can only view them in this app after entering the correct password in the smart calculator.

☆ Safe Browser: surf the internet using a secure browser and download photos and videos that will be secretly stored inside this app. You can also bookmark your favorite sites for easy access

☆ App Lock: A powerful app lock system to lock personal and social apps with the finger print app option for compatible devices. Calculator lock apk

Improved features

And pseudonyms and inconsistencies
The gallery lock app icon disappears magically and replaces it with a hidden G-scanner icon. You can launch this app without an icon from your phone’s settings / apps / gallery lock / space.

Hide partners to hide
By sharing the Gallery Lock app, you can hide photos and videos directly from the phone gallery or SD card.

Alt fake waltz
Create a fake vault with various passwords to store fake photos and videos.

► Face lock
When you have a device downstream, the app will complete the task assigned to you. You can choose to close the app or open a website or other app in case of an emergency.

Cover the fake cover
Disconnect your app screen so that your password is not compromised. Finger print scanners and fake force closure dialogs will hide the real lock screen. Calculator lock apk

► Selfie infiltrators
When someone tries to break your privacy by entering the wrong password or password, the intruder automatically takes a selfie.

Image-built image viewers and video players
Support the built-in image viewer to view images and slide shows with transmission effects.
Support the built-in video player to play videos with any media player installed on your phone.

Disable security
The Secret Gallery forbids the installation of lock apps or children or strangers.
This app uses the permission of the device administrator

This app uses accessibility services

Quick tips

To change the order PIN quickly, go to the Settings tab quickly and click on Change Password.
After hiding pictures and videos, the export icon in the gallery lock brings back its media when needed.
Easily change the slide show interval using the setting tab
Use theme icons to color the Walt Lock screen so you don’t get annoyed with it. Calculator lock apk

——— Common Questions ——–

Q: If I install the app, can I reinstall the app?
A: Those deleted files cannot be reinstalled So please uninstall and back up all your hidden files before installing this app.

Q: What if I lose or lose my phone?
A: Your files are only stored on your device and not online

Q: Can I remove my media from photos and videos of this locker?
A: Yes, you can easily export photos and videos using a few steps

Q: Are photos and videos stored together or separately?
A: You can hide photos in the photo locker and locker videos inside this app

Q: What if I forgot my password?
A: If you forget your password, you can always recover your password through your registered email ID and through this app,
Input 7777 = = Register in our calculator app to send your password by email.


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